Posted by: stevenpalomino | July 5, 2009

Fish Must Pee Lemon Juice.

I just got back from going to a local water park/giant puddle with my Church and boy was it interesting. It started with my trusty friend Sun Block and ended with my not so trusty friend Spicy Eyes.

Five of us piled up into three layers and went down the slide with only a puny little mat to separate us all. So not only am I sore all over, but I’m full of scratches and bruises. The lifeguards would laugh at us when we would get kicked in the face going down the slide or get the people’s elbow to the spleen. The Paddle Boats would give my feet blisters because I didn’t have those manly water shoes. To top it all off, I’m pretty sure that my friend Sun Block did not work at all. So, like I said before, I ended up sun burnt, blistered, sore, and with an incredibly annoying case of Spicy/Hazy Eyes. I was, however, encouraged by an unbelievably ancient woman trying to go down the fast slide. That grandma really did do it. I just kept thinking, “This is really happening“. I was relieved and encouraged to see she made it out alright. I was also cheered up by seeing a real-life mullet. There’s just not much that can top a mullet. There’s just something glorious about a mullet that not many things can equal in splendor.

If I was ever convinced of anything it is this: Fish must pee lemon juice because spicy eyes are just not natural.


Today’s word: みず or 水 – Mizu (Water).
Sentence: 目に悪がついています (The evil water is in my eyes.)



  1. that’s why i never open my eyes underwater… not cool man… solution: buy goggles

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