Posted by: stevenpalomino | July 11, 2009

I Killed a Mouse. Where’s the Coffee?!

I just want to start by saying that for some reason the store name “Family Dollar” makes me think of this old crinkled dollar at the bottom of little jimmy’s pocket. Not only crinkled, but for some reason it’s covered with slime and sweat. It’s almost like a community shower. Family dollar. ew.. anyway..

Last night was one of the scarriest nights I’ve ever been through. Since I live in a little shack in someone’s back yard that looks like a trailer on stilts, the house seems to attract mice. I guess there’s just something about a small elevated shack that a sane mouse can’t resist. Anywho, I put out three mouse traps about two days ago and my wife and I were about to go to sleep when I hear one of the traps go off in the bathroom. Since it’s not somethign we’re used to hearing while we’re at the house we both froze.
“Go check it!” My wife whispered. Why she whispered I have no idea. Maybe she thought the mouse would hear we were going to check and decide to get uncaught.
“You go check!” I whispered back. I couldn’t help but think that if the mouse had been caught I should probably give it a few minutes to die completely. I didn’t know they were supposed to be dead already.
I slowly opened the door and leaned in far enough to see where the trap was behind the toilet. To my surprise, the mouse was caught and staring back at me. It had it’s front leg/hand/nasty claw stuck in the mousetrap.
“It’s still alive!” I said leaning back into the bedroom where my wife was sitting up wrapped in the covers as if the mouse would take flight and decide it wasn’t going down alone.
“Chop off it’s head!” She said with big scary eyes.
“With what?” I asked. “There’s nothing here (bathroom) to do that!”
“Get the broom and chop it’s head off with the end!” She suggested.
“What?!” I said kind of confused. But nonetheless I went and got the broom. “I’ll just get the broom, sweep it into a bag and beat it until it’s dead.”
“Good idea!” She agreed.
I went and got the broom and was having a hard time sweeping it my way since It was behind the toilet. I didn’t want to sweet too hard either lest the mouse should get unstuck and decide to gnaw my big toe off. So, I was gently trying to sweep this mouse into a doubled walmart bag when all of a sudden it got loose. The only thing my wife heard was “Ah!” *Whack Whack*. THAT what the scariest moment of my life. The mouse was loose and everything was in slow motion. I knew that if I didn’t kill it we would suffer more days trying to catch that little rodent. Plus, it might even gnaw my big toe off. I hit that mouse harder than I’ve hit anything in my life. In retrospect, I kind of feel sorry for the little guy, but at least it was a quick death. I finally swept up that little booger, put him in a bag, and thew him outside until I could take the trash out in the morning. After that I slept pretty peacefully knowing we didn’t have a mouse problem anymore. It’s good feeling knowing the mouse that bothered you is dead on your porch. It’s one of those things that puts a little pep in your step.

However, there is something that can bring me down quicker than anything I know: To get up early and see an empty coffee pot when I get to work. So here I am, 4 PM and I’m drinking the coffee I couldn’t drink 7 hours earlier. I feel like I’m just starting my day but the sun is going down. Well, at least I killed a mouse.

mToday’s Word: 鼠(ねずみ)- (Nezumi,Mouse)
Sentence: 鼠は怖いです (nezumi wa kowai desu, The mouse is scary)



  1. you forgot to write the part when you desincfected the bathroom with clorox whipes… 🙂 You’re my hero:) I love you
    oh yeah, this is your wife,

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